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Speed & Feed Calculations

Basic Calculations & Examples
Drilling Speeds for Conventional Machining
Speeds and feeds for High Speed Steel End Mills
Lathe Speeds
Lathe Feeds versus Surface Finish
Speeds and Feeds Documents
Additional Cutting Tool Information
End Mill Troubleshooting Guide

3D Printers

Before using the LulzBot 3D printers, you will need to upload your SolidWorks design to the shop computer located between the two printers. Once you have inserted your USB, open your design in Cura 20.01. From there you can scale and move around your piece until you are ready to print.

The printer to the left of the computer corresponds to COM6, and the one to the right of the computer corresponds to COM7.
If the 3D printer is not working properly, the User Manual linked below has troubleshooting tips. In general, you should check with a proctor if you are unfamiliar with any of the processes.

Before leaving your job to print, please write your name and contact information on the clipboard so that you can be reached if your job fails or takes too long. If the printer estimates that your job will take longer than 8 hours, please email ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs to notify other shop users that the printer will be taken for a long period of time.

LulzBot TAZ6 3D Printer Manual

Milling Machine

General Milling Tips
Machine Vise and Accessories
Fixture Components
Squaring a Part
Conventional Milling Versus Climb Milling
Machining Corners: Trouble With the Curve

Metal Lathe

General Lathe Tips
Lathe Operations and Cutting Tools
Monarch Lathe Specifics
Track Lathe Setup
Single Point Threading

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