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Speed & Feed Calculations

Basic Calculations & Examples
Drilling Speeds for Conventional Machining
Speeds and feeds for High Speed Steel End Mills
Lathe Speeds
Lathe Feeds versus Surface Finish
Speeds and Feeds Documents
Additional Cutting Tool Information
End Mill Troubleshooting Guide

3D Printers

Any use of the 3D Printers must be scheduled in advance or at the time of use on the 3D Printing Calendar. A complete scheduling includes a contact email address, phone number, and project title. If the machine is vacant but is scheduled to be used, you may not use it unless the scheduled user gives you permission or does not answer communication attempts. Any design files that are printed should be left in the appropriate, dated directory.
When using the MakerBot 3D printer, you will need to upload your SolidWorks design to the shop computer located next to the 3D printer. Once you have inserted your USB, open your design in MakerWare. From there you can scale and move around your piece until you are ready to print.
To change which printer you send your job to click "Devices" in the menu at the top of the screen and select the printer you want. The one closer to the computer is called "Replicator 2a" and the one further from the computer is called "Replicator 2."
If the 3D printer is not working properly the User Manual linked below has troubleshooting tips. In general, you should check with a proctor if you are unfamiliar with any of the processes.

MakerWare Tutorial
Setting up MakerBot
MakerBot Manual

Milling Machine

General Milling Tips
Machine Vise and Accessories
Fixture Components
Squaring a Part
Conventional Milling Versus Climb Milling
Machining Corners: Trouble With the Curve


General Lathe Tips
Lathe Operations and Cutting Tools
Monarch Lathe Specifics
Track Lathe Setup
Single Point Threading

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