Safety Incidents

One way we can make the shop safer for everyone is by learning from safety violations of the past. Below is a list of injuries that have occurred in the shop and action taken to prevent similar injuries from happening in the future. Please peruse the list to learn how you can help yourself and others be safer in the machine shop!

    1. Incident, 09/26/17: Student A was removing an end mill from Mill 3, when the end mill fell out of the machine and cut their left ring finger. Proctor A provided basic first aid for the student's cut.
      • Solution: Use the tool catcher instead of taking bits out of the mill with your hand.

    2. Incident, 10/04/17: Student B was working on their E4 tool tray in the sheet metal shop and trying to hammer an edge flatter. They received a minor scratch on their arm, but they were not sure exactly when the injury occurred. They believe the scratch came from the sheet metal.
      • Solution: Remind students that they can use gloves when working in the sheet metal area but not on the CNC lathe, horizontal bandsaw, or the angle grinder (or anywhere else outside of the sheet metal area). We will put signs up on the machines that students cannot use gloves on in the sheet metal area.
        • Note from Shop Management: We are ordering more gloves for students to use in the sheet metal area to avoid injuries such as this in the future, and we are changing the process router for the tool tray to avoid creating sharp, twisted edges when making the tool tray so that users are less likely to cut themselves.

    3. Incident, 10/13/17: During proctor training, Proctor A accidentally made the flycutter spin by hand on Mill 4 while the machine was off and in neutral, and they received a small cut on their hand from the bit.
      • Solution: Remind students to put the mill in low gear before changing the tool. This should prevent accidental spinning of the tool, as the lower gear makes the spindle more difficult to spin by hand.
        • Note from Shop Management: We are updating the pneumatic tool changer sheets on each mill to include the "switch to a lower gear" instruction.

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