Proctor Tasks

Are you ever bored on your shift? We have assembled a list of tasks to help keep you entertained while helping the shop! Here it is:

Check post alignment - In order for the parting tool to work properly, the tool holder post must be perpendicular to the lathe axis. Loosen the post with either a combination wrench or allen wrench, depending on the lathe. Then move the tool holder until it is flush with the chuck. Then tighten it back down so that it stays flush.

Check compound angle - This is the angle read off underneath the tool holder. It should be set at either 45 or 10 degrees (for the screwdriver). If it is anything else, loosen the two bolts on either side of its circular plate, and turn it back to the right angle. Then slowly tighten them down, switching from one to the other until it's completely tight. After this, check the post alignment as described above.

Check tool organizer - make sure that all the lathes have the tools they need. If they are missing any, check the red tool cabinet shop supplies drawer.

Clean chips out of the lathe bed - If a lot of chips have built up under the lathe, move them to the trash can. use gloves for this! You may also have to sweep up a bit afterwards. You can also empty the shop vac in the main shop.

Clean vise and table - wipe down the vise with the rag, clear the chips out of the grooves in the table, and vacuum up chips on the guards. There is a strange T-shaped tool on some of the mill tables that can help in getting chips out of the strap clamp grooves.

Check tool organizer - same as for the lathes, make sure each station has all the tools it needs.

Check vise alignment - This is a little more involved, but you learned how to do it in proctor training. Put an indicator in the spindle, then feed back and forth along the vise to see if it is square. If it isn't, loosen one bolt and gently tap the vise with the lead hammer until it's aligned again. If you don't feel comfortable fixing it, just email the maintenance proctors letting us know it's not aligned.

Empty dust collectors - There are two dust collectors, one connected to the table saw and one connected to the sanders. There is a zipper at the bottom of the bag, so just lift it into the trash can, unzip it, and shake the dust out. Also empty the shop vac and the bag attached to the miter saw. You may want to wear a mask.

Sweep - This may not be the most exciting activity, but it is certainly necessary. If you have some good music, it can even be meditative.

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