Oven Schedule

To use the oven, please add your name to the Mini Oven Schedule or Large Oven Schedule.
Things to Remember:

  • Please block out time slots that account for warm up and cool down times!
    • For E4:
      • Small Oven: 3 hours
      • Large Oven: 2 hours
  • Up to 9 parts can be placed in one oven at a time, so try to find others to use the oven at the same time
  • Ovens cannot be used between 12am and 6am.
  • Please avoid overlapping times on one oven. You cannot place an additional part in while the oven is running, it will ruin the other parts in the oven.
  • If you sign up for times outside of the proctored hours or during observed holidays, you must find a proctor to stay in the shop for the entire time the oven is running. You can find the shop calendar with the proctored hours here.
  • Please do not leave the oven door open to cool down, this can crack the refractory material due to thermal shock
  • Be Safe!! If you ever have questions, ask a proctor or shop management!

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