Shop Rules

To be in the shop at all, you must be:

  • Shop Certified - To take the safety quiz, please click here: Safety Quiz
  • Wearing safety glasses and appropriate attire
    • This includes but is not limited to: closed-toe shoes, no loose clothing, tied-back hair, nothing on hands or wrists such as watches, bracelets, rings etc., no long sleeves, no hoodie drawstring hanging, no flowing dresses, and no headphones of any kind
  • Conscious, sober, and alert
  • Respectful of other people and the equipment

To use any tools or machines:

  • There must be a proctor on duty
    • If you are a shop proctor, there must be another shop certified user with you
  • You must check in with the proctor on duty (requires being current on the safety quiz and not owing the shop money)

Finally, while in the shop:

  • Tools must stay in the shop that they live in (we have had too many tools walk away to be lax with this rule).
  • Safety glasses must stay in the shop. They become expensive to replace when students keep them!

Violating any of these rules may result in expulsion from the shop and/or probation.

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