Shop Roster


The people and positions involved in the machine shop and some of their activities include:

  1. Shop Coordinators - Professor Gokli and Professor Spjut: oversees shop procedure and management.
  2. Machine Shop Manager - Paul Stovall: staff machinist and mechanical engineer; in charge of proctor training.
  3. Head Shop Proctor(s) - Darien Joso and John Lee: manage shop proctors; coordinate proctor training; handle exterior interactions (E4, E11, tours, demos); oversee shop improvement activities.
  4. Associate Head Shop Proctor(s) - Mariah Ewing and Doug Raigosa: Coordinate shop maintenance, manage supplies, oversee 5S implementation (safety, sustainability, etc.), and interface with proctors and students for feedback.
  5. Shop Proctors - see below listing: students currently employed by the Engineering Department to supervise students in and maintain the Machine Shop.
  6. Shop Users - see below listing: students who have passed the Shop Safety Quiz within the past year and are not on probation.

Contact Info

For Shop Management Team (just Profs. Spjut & Gokli, Paul, HSPs, and AHSPs): ude.cmh.g|l-tnemeganam-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-tnemeganam-pohs
For Shop Proctors (including HSPs, AHSPs, and Paul): ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs
For Shop Users (including everyone who is listed below as shop certified + Paul): ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs

Shop Users

The following document can be found at this

If you want to be removed from the Shop User list please click here.

Shop Proctors

Group email: ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs

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