Shop Roster


The people and positions involved in the machine shop and some of their activities include:

  1. Faculty Advisor - Professor Spjut: oversees shop procedure and management.
  2. Machine Shop Manager - Drew Price: staff machinist and mechanical engineer; in charge of proctor training.
  3. Head Shop Proctor(s) - Mariah Ewing and Douglas Raigosa: manage shop proctors; coordinate proctor training; handle exterior interactions (E4, E11, tours, demos); oversee shop improvement activities.
  4. Associate Head Shop Proctor(s) - Aubrey Egerter and Jimmy Fernandez: Coordinate shop maintenance, manage supplies, oversee 5S implementation (safety, sustainability, etc.), and interface with proctors and students for feedback.
  5. Head Maintenance Proctor - Makoto Nara: Lead a maintenance team, attend management meetings, maintain and fix the machines
  6. Shop Proctors - see below listing: students currently employed by the Engineering Department to supervise students in and maintain the Machine Shop.
  7. Shop Users - see below listing: students who have passed the Shop Safety Quiz within the past year and are not on probation.

Contact Info

For Shop Management Team (Drew, Prof. Spjut, Prof. Mendelson, HSPs, and AHSPs): ude.cmh.g|l-tnemeganam-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-tnemeganam-pohs
For Shop Proctors (including Management Team): ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs
For Shop Users (including everyone who is listed below as shop certified + Management Team): ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs

Shop Users

Group email: ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-sresu-pohs

The following document can be found at this

If you want to be removed from the Shop User list please click here.

Shop Proctors

Proctors in bold are on the Shop Management Team.

Group email: ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs#ude.cmh.g|l-srotcorp-pohs

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