General Paintbooth

The new HMC Spray Paint Booth is located right outside the south-east entrance to Jacobs. Students can access the spray paint booth during normal machine shop hours after passing this Safety Quiz. Information on the safety quiz will cover the Standard Operating Procedures shown below.

Paint Booth Safety Quiz

Get access to the Spray Paint Booth by taking the safety quiz here!

Paint Booth Standard Operating Procedures

Example Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS)

Make sure to look at the appropriate MSDS for your materials prior to using the paint booth. This is an example MSDS for Rust-Oleum.

If you have any additional chemical safety specific questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Chemical Hygiene Officer, Penny Manisco [ude.cmh.g|ocsinamp#ude.cmh.g|ocsinamp]. Otherwise, you are always welcome to reach out to Shop Management. Stay safe and happy painting!

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