General Milling Tips

Using the fine z-axis control


To use the fine z-axis control:

  1. Use the lever below the fine z-axis wheel to engage the wheel (push to the left)
  2. Make sure that the wheel itself is engaged. If you're turning it and nothing is happening, it probably means that it isn't engaged. Turn the wheel so that the little notch behind the wheel goes in the hole facing the wheel.
  3. When you're done, disengage the fine z-axis wheel by pushing the lever mentioned in step 1 to the right. If you don't disengage the wheel, you won't be able to move the coarse z-axis adjustment lever.

If the fine z-axis control won't moveā€¦

Push the black lever under the z-axis wheel(circled in the picture) in. That lever locks the spindle in a mode that allows you to use the wheel to control the z. By pushing the lever in, you unlock this mode.


Mill 1

If the z-axis handle falls out, follow these instructions

  1. Locate the key (metal rectangular bar with rounded ends, about 0.75" long)
  2. Locate the shaft to which the handle used to be attached (on the mill side). Find the key slot (it might be on the bottom).
  3. Put the key into the shaft. Hold the key in place.
  4. Locate the corresponding key slot on the handle assembly.
  5. While holding the key in place, align the slot on the handle assembly with the key. Carefully slide the handle assembly back on the mill.
  6. Turn the handle and verify that the spindle lowers as expected. If the handle assembly falls off, something is wrong. Try again or contact Paul / HSP / AHSP / other shop proctors.

The handle is currently missing a screw that holds it in place. If you pull the handle out too far, the whole assembly pops off, so try not to move it horizontally.

Mill 2

Fixing Mill 2

Most common problem with Mill 2 is when you try to use the tool changer without putting z-axis all the way up and the collet gets stuck in the mill. To fix this problem, follow these instructions. If you're not a shop proctor, ask a shop proctor to do this for you.

  1. Turn the circuit breaker off
  2. Put the quill stop at the top and lock the z-axis lever in place
  3. Using a hex wrench on top of the CNC monitor, unscrew the three screws. Make sure to keep track of these screws. (Use a stool in the main shop to reach these)
  4. Take off the gold cylinder.
  5. Turn the rod that you see after taking off the gold cylinder to screw in the collet. After the rod is tightly screwed, loosen it 1-2 turns.
  6. Put the gold cylinder back up and retighten the three screws. (Make sure these line up with the actual holes)
  7. Put the hex wrench back on the CNC monitor, and see if your collet will come out.
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