3D Printing

The machine shop has two LulzBot TAZ 6 3D printers that students can use. The shop's filament is free to use for projects related to E4 and clinic. If you want to use the 3D printers for a personal project, you can either bring your own filament, or pay for the shop's filament through the same system as reimbursing for broken tools (cash, Venmo, or Claremont Cash). The filament costs $1 per cubic inch. When your print is queued up, the interface will tell you how much filament the system will use in grams. The price is 5 cents/g. Talk to the proctor on duty to pay for the filament.

To buy your own filament, please use only PLA filament with 2.75-3 mm diameter. The LulzBot store is here. To use any material other than PLA, talk with the machine shop manager before printing.

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