General Overview

Welcome to the HMC Machine Shop Wiki!

This wiki is meant to be the definitive resource for all things related to the HMC Machine Shop. To that end, if you cannot find shop-related content on the wiki, please add that content to the wiki, link to it, or email one of Shop Management and it will be added on.

And now for some important reminders! Please, please, please, review the Shop Rules and Safety Guidelines before you even consider going near the shop - the shop is only great if everyone works in a safe and respectful manner.

If you're wondering when the shop is open or who is supposed to be proctoring, check out the Shop Schedule.

If you have any questions regarding shop related things, please check out the FAQ and Tutorials.

If you would like to give feedback on the shop (you know you do!), head on over to the Feedback Form and let loose. If you see anything wrong with the shop, the equipment, or the proctors, let us know so we can fix it!


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